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Book - China Silver Yuan Stamps - Second Edition

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Book - Airmails from, through and to Singapore and Malaya, Volume 1

“China Silver Yuan Stamps - Second Edition 2019”

by Patrick Choy

The book was awarded Gold Medal in 2019 China World Stamps Exhibition, Gold Medal and Second Best Philatelic Literature in 2021 Philanippon

Each philatelic item is a piece of frozen history. If they are connected, the original frozen history will be reproduced vividly. If you go back in time to the nine months before the founding of the People's Republic of China, one would witness the collapsing economy and the raging civil war plunged the postal system into complete disarray. Miraculously, the postal service did not stop for even a single day. Philatelists used to refer to this period as the Silver Yuan Period. At this time there is little accurate information on how the postal administrations in the Kuomintang and Liberated areas successfully improvised innovative ways to meet the postal needs of their wary citizens. The philatelic study of the Silver Yuan Period has been widely valued by philatelists at home and abroad, and the philatelic products of this period are also particularly precious.

Patrick Choy, Vice President of the Association of Singapore Philatelists, is the current leading expert of the Silver Yuan. After 30 years of studying, collecting and sorting in 2008, he compiled the first edition of the book "Silver Yuan Stamps", which is a way to increase knowledge for those who like to study the philatelic items and postal history during the Silver Yuan Period. The book received Gold Award and Special Prize in the 2009 World Stamp Exhibition.

In 2019, Patrick launched a new bilingual edition (the Second Edition) in both Chinese and English. In the more than 10 years since the first edition, Patrick was able to access into archival records. He also acquired quite a number of “gems” from the famous collections of Silver Yuan Grandmasters the late Mr. William Jones and Mr. Milan Pittman. The uncovered information and illustrations of those fine items are included in this book; hence navigating to a better philatelic understanding of the Silver Yuan Period.

This book is available for purchase. Should you wish to get a copy, please contact us at

Special Price: SGD50 (usual SGD 150)

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